Pre-Med Student Volunteer Program

Gain valuable experience and exposure for your future career path!


We are an ideal clinic for students interested in the health care field to gain volunteer experience. We are centrally located, and accessible by TTC (close to both Sheppard West Station and Sheppard East Station). We have an array of interdisplinary professionals that work in our clinic (family doctors, psychiatrist, physiotherapist, chiropractor, chiropodist, kinesiologist, psychotherapist). Our staff are a friendly bunch that enjoy working with each other. Get Well Clinic is also a recognized teaching clinic for medical students with the prestigious University of Toronto, Faculty of Medicine.

We are looking for dedicated, conscientious, organized, and caring individuals to help support our clinic (with our administrative tasks, as well as our client care).


  • Post-secondary students, with a minimum GPA 3.7 (show transcript)
  • Provide a cover letter and resume
  • Minimum commitment: 15 hrs/week for 6 months (90% attendance)


  • Leadership and organizational skills
  • Second language skills
  • Computer skills
  • Flexible hours
  • Any unique skill sets that can be an asset and contribute to the growth of our clinic (ie. creative design, marketing, writing, research, IT skills, programming)


Please Note:

  • Priority will be given to students who are able to commit to more hours, have flexible hours, and can continue longer term.
  • Reference letters may be written for students who perform well in their responsibilities, takes initiative, exceed expectations, and fulfill a minimum of 500 hours.

How to Apply:

  • Send your complete application (as per above requirements) to: volunteer(at)
  • Please submit carefully. We will not let you know if you did not read the above instructions and are missing information.
  • We will contact you for an interview if your application is successful.


Congratulations on their success from our recent Volunteers!

  • Michelle P. (University of Ottawa, Faculty of Medicine, 2021) MD program
  • Hamza I. (Western University, Shulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, 2021) MD program
  • Kavin S. (University of Toronto, M.Sc in Medical Science, Genetics and Genome Biology Program, Department of Opthalmology and Vision Sciences, 2021) Masters program
  • Farheen K. (University of Toronto, M.Sc. Medical Science, Pediatric Opthalmology at Sick Children's Hospital, 2021)
  • Michael (Thomas Jefferson University) MD program
  • Michaela K. (George Washington University School of Medicine, 2022) MD program
  • Mura A (Wayne State University School of Medicine, 2022) MD program
  • Kavin S. (Virgina Commonwealth University School of Medicine, 2023) MD, Family Medicine STAT (fmSTAT) program
  • Izza S. (University of Alberta, Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry, 2023) MD program
  • Johnny A. (Wayne State University School of Medicine, 2023) MD program
  • Farheen K. (University of Toronto, Ph.D. candidate Medical Science, Pediatric Opthalmology at Sick Children's Hospital, 2023)
  • Ava K. (University of Toronto, MD/PhD program, 2024)




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