Public Pandemic Plan

What do I do if have a medical problem during COVID-19?

The news about a novel coronavirus named COVID-19 that appeared in Wuhan and has spread all around the world may be causing you to be concerned.

Please do NOT panic. "Stay Calm and Carry On".

Most of you will not be getting very sick from this virus and will not die from this infection. However, the vulnerable who are at risk are seniors, and those with low or altered immune systems (ie. cancer, auto-immune disease, pregnancy)

If you are concerned that you may be sick from coronavirus (you may have travelled recently, or you have come in contact with someone who travelled), please do not walk inside our clinic. Please be assessed with the online COVID Assessment Tool and then stay home in self-quarantine with further instructions. If you are unsure, please call us 416.508.5691 or CHAT and we can help screen you and prepare to protect you, ourselves, and other patients.

Sign up for our new e-Platform that enables you to do Video Chat, Private Messenging, and File Transfer without coming to the clinic.

Please read the following update regarding how our clinic will function during this pandemic, and how you can get care during this time. We will be updating this page as things change rapidly.

If you think you might have coronavirus

  • please do not come to the clinic. We do not provide COVID-19 testing.
  • complete an online COVID-19 Assessment Tool and get screened for coronavirus. You may or may not get the test, depending on whether you fit their evolving testing criteria.
  • go home and self-quarantine for at least 14 days. Do not leave your home quarantine until you are fully symptom free.
  • do NOT come to the clinic until you are cleared of coronavirus.

If you have any cough, fever, sore throat, runny nose, diarrhea

  • please do not come to the clinic. Stay home and recover at home.
  • please use our e-Platform if you still want to discuss with a doctor your concerns while you are at home.

If you have an emergency situation

  • If you are having a high fever, feeling unwell, having trouble breathing, dizzy, weakness, please GO to the hospital emergency department.
  • Call 911 and go to the hospital.
  • Do not come to the clinic. Although Dr. Lai worked as an emergency doctor, our clinic is not equipped to deal with emergency situations.

Our clinic is still open

If you have usual health care needs at Get Well Clinic, we will endeavor to remain open during this pandemic. We have closed the physical walk-in and only provide care BY-APPOINTMENT only. We have created a safe environment for you to come to our clinic. We have Personal Protective Equipment. We disinfect our clinic with Lysol, CaviWipes and Benefect. We screen and keep coronavirus patients away from entering our clinic. If your risk-tolerance is lower than ours, please consider using our e-Platform for virtual care.

Please read on if you have the following concerns:

"I need to see a doctor"

  • please contact us and come see the doctor.
  • if you do not wish to come to the clinic, please enrole with e-Platform and connect with us.

"I need a refill of my medications"

Please contact us and come for your usual followup and refills. If you do not wish to come to the clinic, you have the following options:

"I need to come for my Diabetes Program or Weight Management Program"

  • if you are not sick, please come for your regular appointments.
  • if you do not wish to attend in person, please contact us for virtual visits which are included in your Program during this pandemic period.

"I need to see my therapist"

  • we are still open and coronavirus free
  • please contact us to find out if you chiropractor, physiotherapist, chiropodist, counsellor, dietitian, psychotherapist, psychologist, behavioural analyst appointment is currently available

"I am very anxious about this pandemic"

  • normally, we would still ask you to come to the clinic, as "CBT exposure therapy" is part of the process for reducing your anxiety levels. However, due to the current pandemic situation, we may offer virtual visits.
  • please contact us for virtual care counselling and psychotherapy

"What should I do during this pandemic?"

  • Do not read Dr Google or read social media posts.
  • Pay attention to announcements from reputable news sources and authorititive sources such as information from public health, government, hospitals, clinics, and doctors.
  • Stock up enough food (canned and dried food) and supplies (toilet paper, tissue paper, and over the counter medications like Tylenol/Advil "Complete" or "Cold and Flu" or Robitussin DM "Cough and Phlegm" to last for 14 days. Please check with your pharmacist to determine which medications are right for you. (*DM stands for the cough suppressant ingredient dextromethorphan)
  • WASH your hands with soap and water or alcohol-based hand sanitizers
  • AVOID touching your face with your hands
  • DO NOT shake hands or kiss acquaintances, neighbours or strangers
  • STAY home if you are able to. Limit your contact with large crowds.
  • WEAR A MASK if you are sick with a cough, sore throat, or runny nose.
  • Consider creating your own Precautionary Segemented Quarantine:
    • determine what areas in your life you must go to and be at (such as work and home)
    • create an isolated space in each of those areas and an isolated route to and from those areas (ie. driving or carpooling with people with the same restricted space)
    • only operate within this Precautionary Segemented Quarantine
    • if you become exposed or sick, then self-isolate in full quarantine at home for at least 14 days and until well
  • Be creative and find ways to get support and continue your daily work and family demands without being in physical contact/proximity with too many people.

Frequently Asked Questions

"Should I cancel my group gatherings, trips and events?"

YES, stay home if you can.

"Why won't I get a COVID-19 coronavirus test when I ask for one?"

Publicly funded viral NP swab testing done by is not a consumer product that you can demand or buy. Public Health has specific testing criteria (that changes depending on the pandemic situation) which they instruct hospitals and clinics. If you do not fit the criteria, you will still  be assessed and be given medical advice, however, you will not neccessarily be tested just because you show up at a COVID Assessment Clinic. The purpose of public health testing for the virus, is the determine if you are high risk and need to be quarantined or hospitalized. We are in a pandemic situation, if you are not high risk, then you will be asked to stay home and self-quarantine anyways. Testing you for coronavirus does not change management, you will be asked to stay home and quarantine if you suspect you have coronavirus. We understand that it may be beneficial to you to know, and may change what you decide to do personally; however, resources are scarce in a pandemic situation, and the current recommendations are to self-quarantine with or without testing. We do not need testing anymore to tell you to self-quarantine.

"Why does e-Platform cost extra?"

We invested in building a custom platform for our valued clients. This platform is not funded by the government. Our platform includes features (personal video chat account, secure messaging, file transfer) that the government does not provide. It also has been designed to work with our clinic system. The government also does not fund the health care system equally, as different places and providers have different agreements with the government.

"Why won't my pharmacy refill my medications?"

Actually, your pharmacist can refill you medications. It has been several years since the government changed the law to allow pharmacists in Ontario to prescribe certain medications, and refill medications that you are already using. This law was changed to give more powers to pharmacists so patients won't run out of chronic medications, for such a time as this. However, many do not feel comfortable putting their license on the prescription. They are asking for you to return to your doctor for a medical opinion of whether to continue the medications. Please find a knowledgeable pharmacy who will refill your chronic medications without faxing us refill requests. (Remember, fax refills are one of the many non-OHIP services covered by your annual fee). If you have a condition that requires medical reassessment regularly, then you should followup with your doctor before refills. A doctor's license is on the line when they refill your medications without assessing you. When you see your pharmacists for refills, they can assess you whether a refill is appropriate, and whether it is safe for you to continue taking your medications. Pharmacists are an important part of your health care team, and the health care system.

"What are the latest statistics on COVID-19 infections?"


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