COVID-19 Vaccine Currently OUT OF STOCK

We are currently still waiting for our next shipment of vaccines. Because we do not receive advance notice of vaccine arrival date, we are not able to open booking until we have the vaccines on hand. When it's your time to book your appointment for 2nd dose, you will receive an email invitation to do so. Details will also be posted here. You won't be eligible to receive your 2nd dose until min. 8 weeks after your first AstraZeneca dose, 28 days after your first mRNA dose. As the Ontario Ministry of Health indicated, once you become eligible, you can recieve your 2nd dose wherever you can find one. You are not obligated to return to the place where you received your 1st dose. 

Thank you for your continual patience and understanding, as well as your commitment to vaccination. Together we can overcome the pandemic. We wish you a safe and healthy summer!


Get Well Clinic COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic

Latest update: June 7, 2021 7:00pm

Looking for your vaccination receipt?

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