Chiropody Foot Care Services

Chiropody / Foot Care Services

Shannon Youn, HBSc, DCh

Shannon is a foot care specialist and is available to assess and manage your various foot conditions. She is also qualified to prescribe drugs, perform soft tissue surgeries, and administer corticosteroid injections.

Shannon looks forward to meeting you and becoming part of the health care professional team that looks after you and your health!

What is a Chiropodist?

A chiropodist is a primary health care professional knowledgeable and trained in the assessment and management of foot and lower limb disorders.


Foot Care Services:

•    Fungal toe nails
•    Athlete’s foot
•    Diabetic foot care
•    Diabetic foot assessment
•    Wound/ulcer care
•    Geriatric foot care
•    Paediatric foot concerns
•    Heel pain- plantar fasciitis
•    Pain in the ball of the foot- metatarsalgia
•    Flat feet
•    Neuromas
•    Warts
•    Calluses
•    Corns
•    Ingrown toenails
•    Ankle sprains
•    Custom foot orthotics
•    Compression stockings

Contact us today to arrange an appointment for your foot care needs! 416.508.5691


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