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We are an interdisciplinary medical clinic providing comprehensive medical, health and wellness care. Our providers are University of Toronto trained.

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To see our highly qualified doctors and health practitioners for a medical problem, please call us 416-508-5691, Contact us, or use Virtual Care. We have family doctors who can be your first point of contact for your health.

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We are located at 649 Sheppard Ave West, North York, ON. On the south-west side of Sheppard and Bathurst, across from the Bank of Montreal and the Sheppard Plaza. Find out how to get here.

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We take care of babies, children, teenagers, adult, and seniors for their overall health. We do weight loss management, womens' health, mental health, cancer screening, vaccines, acne skin care, and removal of minor lumps and bumps. We have access to hundreds of top specialists in Toronto.

Privacy Notice - EHR

ConnectingOntario Electronic Health Record

Privacy Notice



Get Well Clinic has enrolled in access to the eHealth Ontario Electronic Health Record (EHR): ConnectingOntario.

This Privacy Notice explains what the EHR is, and how your healthcare team at Get Well Clinic may request access to some of your personal medical information from the EHR.


ConnectingOntario EHR is a government funded agency that has connected various health organization and enabled them to contribute some of their patient records to a central portal where authorized health care providers can access safely and securely in order to provide better care to you.

Types of organizations that share their data with the EHR are:

  • Hospitals (hospital reports, ER visits)
  • Laboratories (lab results)
  • Home Care (service information)
  • Ontario Drug Benefit (prescriptions)
  • Diagnostic Imaging (xrays, ultrasounds etc.)

Here are some things you should know about ConnectingOntario EHR Privacy Policy:

  • We adhere to rigorous privacy standards, policies and procedures
  • Access to  your health records are limited to only those clinicians who need to care for you
  • Access to the EHR will NOT be used for research, quality improvement, billing or marketing purposes
  • We can tell you who has access your information.
  • You can contact eHealth Ontario at 1-866-250-1544, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.:
    • If you have any questions or concerns about your medical information on ConnectingOntario
    • If you don't want to share your information in ConnectingOntario, you can request a Consent Directive from eHealth Ontario
    • If you want to receive a copy of your information from ConnectingOntario
    • If you want to correct information stored on your record in ConnectingOntario
    • If you want to make a privacy inquiry
  • If you want to make a privacy complaint about ConnectingOntario, please contact:
    • Privacy Commissioner (416) 326-3333, 2 Bloord Street East, Suite 1400



* Your information on Get Well Clinic electronic medical records (EMR) are a separate record system from the ConnectingOntario EHR.

* Get Well Clinic medical records are stored locally and managed independently from the government systems.

* Get Well Clinic does NOT share you medical record stored on our EMR (ie. your family doctor's records) with ConnectingOntario EHR


However, Get Well Clinic may have health providers and authorized administative staff who have enrolled in access to the ConnectingOntario EHR platform and may have access to the shared EHR medical information from contributing organizations listed above.

Here are some things you should know about how Get Well Clinic handles our access to your records on ConnectingOntario EHR:

  • We follow the rigorous standards, policies and procedures outlined by eHealth Ontario
  • We will ask you for permission when we are requesting to access your records on eHealth Ontario
  • We restrict access to the ConnectingOntario EHR portal from our Get Well Clinic, by having the following system in place:
    • When a Get Well Clinic health care provider requests access to some of you information on the EHR, we will notify and ask your permission.
    • The GWC health care provider will direct a designated and authorized staff at Get Well Clinic to retrieve the specified information from the EHR.
    • The instructions are to retrieve only the specific requested information (ie. a requested xray result or hospital admission report), but not other information not specifically requested (ie. other specialist reports that your health provider did not request).
    • This system allows us to reduce the risks of data exposure, and provides a mechanism of auditing who had access to your records.


If you have any questions about how your health providers at Get Well Clinic may have access to your medical records on ConnectingOntario EHR, please contact our clinic Privacy Officer: Kevin Lai (416-508-5691). Please also see our clinic Privacy Notice.


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