About Esther Ko (BA, MEd, PhD, C.Psych)

Ph.D, Clinical Psychologist


Dr. Esther Ko is a registered psychologist with the College of Psychologists of Ontario, licensed to practice school and clinical psychology among children and adolescents. She completed her Ph.D. in School Psychology from Indiana State University, which was among the first of such programs in the United States. Dr. Ko has provided assessment, therapy, and consultation services in a variety of hospital, nonprofit, school board/university, and private practice settings. She currently works full-time within the York Region District School Board, while also providing psychological assessments at Get Well Clinic.


Dr. Esther Ko provides the following types of assessments at Get Well Clinic:


- Psychoeducational (e.g., learning disabilities, attentional disorders, intellectual disabilities)
- Gifted Testing
- Social-Emotional (e.g., depression, anxiety, behavioural disorders)
- Assessments for transition to College/University


Dr. Esther Ko speaks both English and Mandarin. However, assessments are standardized and are conducted in English.

Please note: 50% of the assessment fee is expected after the first data-gathering session. The remaining balance will be due at the feedback session. Contact the office for assessment rates and additional information.



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