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Academic and Career Excellence (ACE) Medical Program

You deserve to give yourself the best now, early in your life, in order to achieve the best later in life!


We help you optimize your body and mind with our specialized medical program, so you can achieve the academic and career success or your dreams! Are you tired of the studying grind? Or feeling anxious on the student hamster wheel? How are you coping with all the pressures from your family and school studies? Do you feel there is something wrong with your body and want to find out so you can do better in life?

Book an appointment for our ACE Medical Assessment to get a thorough examination of your whole health. Our experts (ACE guru) are knowledgeable and experienced in identifying the core elements of your life and helping you unlock the secrets that are keeping you from achieving your top potential in academics, career, and life! By enrolling with our Lifestyle Tutors, we will train you to master the areas of your health for a happier and successful life!


ACE guru Medical Program Overview:*

  1. ACE Medical Assessment (with a certified medical doctor)
  2. ACE Mental Health Assessment (with a certified medical doctor or psychologist)
  3. ACE Program Package - Customizable Options:
    1. Medical management of underlying health problems (with medical doctor)
    2. Mental health upgrade (with a psychotherapy counsellor)
    3. Diet, nutrition and weight management (with registered dietitian)
    4. Sleep, exercise and lifestyle habits (with a counsellor)
    5. Behavioural strategies for living well and studying well (by certified behavioural analyst)
    6. Healing and strengthening relationships (with psychotherapy counsellor)

* Our ACE Medical Program is designed by our ACE guru, Dr. Kevin Lai.


Contact us now to get started on your ACE journey! 416-508-5691


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