Our Logo

 A design can capture the essence and ethos of an organization: who we are, what we value, and what we do.

Our "four lobed botanical with cross" can be interpreted in many ways, as art is in the eye of beholder.


We like to think of it like this for our context: 

  • The botanical is a simple representation of a leaf or a flower, which stands for healing, growth, and vitality.
  • Four leaf clovers are often a symbol of good luck, with each leaf sometimes representing faith, hope, love, and good fortune.
  • For the clinic, each lobe represents one of four realms of wholeness: physical, psychological, social, and spiritual.
  • The cross is central, the source of healing.
  • Our medicine endeavors to integrate all four realms of a person's life in the process of whole-person care.


We hope you find inspiration for your health and wellness from our design!


* Note: "Four lobed botanical with cross" logo design is a registered trademark of Spring Health Corp.

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