Dr Javed Alloo (MD, CCFP, MPLc)

Family Doctor


Dr. Javed Alloo is a community based family doctor focused on helping patients and their families improve their physical and mental health in an integrated way. Recognizing that the ability to achieve better health, or provide it to others, depends on a combination of emotional, cognitive and physical resiliency, he works to support the adaptiveness of the patients, clinicians and health organizations he works with.



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Dr. Jiyeh Joo (BHSc, MD)

Family Doctor

Dr. Jiyeh Joo is a family physician who focuses on providing comprehensive care with special interests in preventative care & aesthetic medicine. She completed her undergraduate training in Health Sciences at McMaster University, followed by medical school at the University of Ottawa and family medicine residency at McMaster University. Currently, she holds hospital privileges at Joseph Brant, Brantford General & Mackenzie Health Hospitals.

Dr. Joo is bilingual and speaks English and Korean. Outside of medicine, her areas of passion include: traveling, promoting wellness, skincare and beauty.



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Dr. Anna Yu (MD, CCFP)

Family Doctor

Dr. Anna Yu is a family physician at the Get Well Clinic, with a focus on providing comprehensive family medicine care.  Dr. Yu studied biomedical engineering at the University of Toronto before obtaining her medical degree from the University of Alberta.  She then completed her Family Medicine residency training at the University of Toronto - Michael Garron Hospital site.  Dr. Yu is fluent in English and Mandarin.  She enjoys mentoring students and staying engaged with technological innovations for the future of healthcare.  In her spare time, she likes to read and travel, occasionally participating in physical challenges such as running half-marathons and trekking in Nepal.


1. Apply for a Family Doctor

If you have an upcoming first appointment with Dr Yu to discuss becoming an enrolled family medicine patient, please review and complete the following documents, and return to us before the appointment via Send. Please be aware that we cannot guarantee you that you will be accepted in to her practice. If she agrees to accept you, she will give you an Enrolment Form to sign and return to us afterwards.

2 a. New Patient Agreement (English)
2 b. 家庭医生登记同意书 (中文)

3. Send completed New Patient Agreement and Forms to the clinic.




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Dr. Jeffrey Poon (HBSc, MD)

Family Doctor

Dr. Jeffrey Poon is a family physician at the Get Well Clinic, and believes in the comprehensive medical care model.  

Dr. Poon completed his undergraduate training at McMaster University with an honours degree in Biochemistry. He then went on to obtain his medical degree at the University of Saskatchewan and completed his family medicine residency training at McMaster University.

During Dr. Poon’s years of training, he spent time volunteering at a pediatric hospital in Guatemala, where he enjoyed getting to know different cultures and learning new languages. As well, he spent time serving rural communities in northern Saskatchewan.

Dr. Poon is bilingual and speaks English and Cantonese fluently. In his spare time, he enjoys travelling, exercising, and cooking for his family. Dr. Poon is a movie fanatic who enjoys going to movie festivals and drive-ins. He is also a huge basketball fan and will forever be cheering for the Raptors.



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Jennifer Tsz Ching Au, Bsc (Hons), BASc., RD

Registered Dietitian

Jennifer specializes in holistic nutrition therapy of weight management and chronic diseases, utilizing behavioral therapy, mindfulness decision making strategies, motivational interviewing and other counselling techniques to encourage positive and sustainable behavioral lifestyle changes in people.

Jennifer completed her Life Science program at University of Toronto, with a specialty in Health & Disease, as well as a Bachelor of Applied Science degree at Ryerson University in Nutrition and Food. She pursued a Dietetic Postgraduate Practicum Program, comprising primarily of clinical and community placements at Aramark Healthcare, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre and Humber River Hospital.
Jennifer provides nutrition counseling and weight management at Get Well Clinic interdisciplinary team. She also provides cooking demonstrations as part of the Mindfulness-Based Eating Awareness Training (MB-EAT) Group Therapy Program.

Her mission is to provide knowledge-to-practice healthy eating habits, tease out eating myths and biases, identify barriers and assets and support building self-manageable, positive and sustainable lifestyle changes to help patients live their life to the fullest!

Jennifer speaks English, Cantonse and Mandarin

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About Esther Ko (BA, MEd, PhD, C.Psych)

Ph.D, Clinical Psychologist


Dr. Esther Ko is a registered psychologist with the College of Psychologists of Ontario, licensed to practice school and clinical psychology among children and adolescents. She completed her Ph.D. in School Psychology from Indiana State University, which was among the first of such programs in the United States. Dr. Ko has provided assessment, therapy, and consultation services in a variety of hospital, nonprofit, school board/university, and private practice settings. She currently works full-time within the York Region District School Board, while also providing psychological assessments at Get Well Clinic.


Dr. Esther Ko provides the following types of assessments at Get Well Clinic:


- Psychoeducational (e.g., learning disabilities, attentional disorders, intellectual disabilities)
- Gifted Testing
- Social-Emotional (e.g., depression, anxiety, behavioural disorders)
- Assessments for transition to College/University


Dr. Esther Ko speaks both English and Mandarin. However, assessments are standardized and are conducted in English.

Please note: 50% of the assessment fee is expected after the first data-gathering session. The remaining balance will be due at the feedback session. Contact the office for assessment rates and additional information.



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About Dr Neil Levitsky, MD, FRCPC


I am a psychiatrist, in private practice in Toronto since 1991.  My medical school training was at the University of Western Ontario, and I completed my psychiatry residence through the University of Toronto.  I have a faculty appointment as a lecturer at The University of Toronto, in the department of psychiatry.

My main interest is in CBT (cognitive-behavioural therapy), and mindfulness, particularly in treating depression and anxiety disorders.

Currently, I divide my time between my private practice on Wilson Avenue, at Get Well Clinic where I run group therapy, and at North York General Hospital where I run groups and supervise psychiatry residents with their CBT training.

When I am not busy with my practice and my wife and 3 children, I pursue a number of interests and hobbies.  One activity I am passionate about is photography.


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About Matthew Chin-Yee, PT



Matthew is a physiotherapist who’s goal is to provide the best result-oriented care. He received his Masters of Science in Physiotherapy from McMaster University. He has experience working with a variety of patients, from national level athletes to weekend warriors, with a special interest in treating complex pain, and vestibular (dizziness and balance) disorders. A believer in lifelong learning, Matthew is continually expanding his knowledge base and repertoire of clinical skills through a variety of post-graduate courses including: vestibular therapy, concussion management, Contemporary Medical Acupuncture, soft tissue release, manual therapy, the Mulligan Concept, Neurokinetic Therapy, and Proprioceptive Deep Tendon Reflex Therapy.

Matthew believes that effective treatment involves the mediation of symptoms, restoration of natural function and preventing future injury. His practice incorporates his extensive education married with experience to provide a comprehensive systematic approach to treatment. Through a clear understanding of various conditions and dysfunctions, imbalances and injuries are treated with a combination of neuromuscular retraining, Proprioceptive Deep Tendon Reflex Therapy, joint and fascial mobilization, electro-acupuncture, and specific exercise prescription.

Outside of work, Matthew remains active in his community, with a passion for serving at his local church.


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About Dr Gordon Lee, DC


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Dr. Laura Lee Copeland (MD, MBA, FACEP)

Medical Psychotherapy | Emergency Medicine


Dr Laura Lee Copeland began her career as an Emergency Physician.  After 11 years of practice she found she was writing more prescriptions for yoga and meditation than medication.  Taking this as a sign that she might not be in the specialty of her heart’s choosing, she changed her scope of practice.  She is now a medical psychotherapist specializing in mindfulness-informed therapies for the treatment of depression and anxiety.  She is certified in Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapist and has been faculty at the Centre for Mindfulness Studies since 2016.



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