Varicose Veins and Compression Stockings

Shannon Youn, DCh


Varicose veins are enlarged and sometimes twisted veins found most commonly on the lower limb. At times, varicose veins along with reticular and spider veins (smaller, less prominent dilated veins) are more of a cosmetic concern, while other times, they may be signs of circulatory problems, specifically venous insufficiency. In other words, your veins are not functioning efficiently to work against gravity and bring the blood back to your heart. Rather, the blood pools and consequently dilates the veins in your lower body. See your health care professional when varicose veins are accompanied with aching, heavy, swollen, and/or painful legs, or skin discolourations.

Compression Stockings or compression socks are significant components to the management of venous issues. Compression stockings offer gradual compression up the limb, with the highest level of compression at the ankle to promote blood flow back to the heart. They also come in various degrees of compression to accommodate different severities of venous conditions. They are great for people who work sitting or standing for long periods of time throughout the day, as well as pregnant women and frequent travellers.


Book an appointment with a Chiropodist today for compression stockings. He or she can provide more information and tell you if you would benefit from them. A Chiropodist can measure and dispense compression stockings if you bring with you a doctor’s prescription.


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