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Why Enrol with a Family Doctor at Get Well Clinic?

Get Well Family Health Organization


We started Get Well Clinic with an idea that people should be able to see a family doctor when they need to in our community. We have been open to walk-ins since the beginning. However, we are transitioning to becoming a Family Health Organization. This means better care for our rostered family medicine patients. Please read more if you want to know how this might affect you and the importance of enrolling with a Get Well Clinic family doctor soon instead of remaining a walk-in only patient.


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Confused about which Dr. Kevin Lai?



Please be advised that there is only one Dr. Kevin Lai who is a University of Toronto graduate, Family Medicine specialist working in Ontario, who used to work as emergency department doctor, and is currently also providing weight management programs and psychotherapy for mental health issues.

However, there are several medical professionals whom you may mistake him for...

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The Best Medicine

A user's guide to getting the best health care the city has to offer, without blowing a gasket

Vincent Lam, Toronto Life

March 2006

Get the low down on how to navigate the health system yourself with this great article published in Toronto Life.

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What is a Family Doctor Good For?


Have you ever heard your family or friends from back home tell you this?

"Don't bother going to the family doctor, you should go see a specialist for your problem."

"Family doctors know a little bit about many things, but not alot about anything."


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