Confused about which Dr. Kevin Lai?



Please be advised that there is only one Dr. Kevin Lai who is a University of Toronto graduate, Family Medicine specialist working in Ontario, who used to work as emergency department doctor, and is currently also providing weight management programs and psychotherapy for mental health issues.

However, there are several medical professionals whom you may mistake him for...

Please do not be mistaken for the internist who practices in Nainamo, BC, or the chiropractor in Vancouver, BC (both who are called Dr. Kevin Lai exactly), or Dr. Kafai Lai (an orthopedic surgeon in Ontario, his name sounds the same if you say it fast), or Dr. Kenneth Lai (who works in York Region), or Dr. Godwin Lai (an ER physician who also worked in the same ER as Dr. Lai), or Dr. Henry Lai (who is also a U of T family medicine graduate, who also works in the ER, and who also works at a pain clinic that is similarly named Poly Clinic), or the Hong Fook youth worker named exactly Kevin Lai who also roams Toronto, or Dr. Michael Lai (who works on Spadina Avenue, and looks awfully alot like Dr. Kevin Lai...)

We have had patients who show up at our family medicine clinic, look Dr. Lai straight in the eye and swear that Dr. Lai operated on their hips; and remember being told directly by Dr. Lai to make a followup appointment 6 weeks after surgery. Dr. Kevin Lai does not operate.

We have had requests for followup from a hospital or ER visit at Royal Victoria Hospital, however, Dr. Kevin Lai does not work in Barrie.

We have had requests from insurance companies looking for medical records for patients who were seen by the other Dr. Lai's in this world. Please don't be offended if you don't get the answer you are looking for, because Dr. Kevin Lai might not have been the actually doctor who saw you in the ER. In any event, you can contact the hospital medical records directly for any ER records, in the cases where Dr. Kevin Lai actually did see you while he was working at Humber River years ago.

We also have had drug reps who come looking to detail us on medical marijuana or other pain medications, however, Dr. Kevin Lai is not pain specialist.

We have even had the pleasure of meeting a fine youth worker also named Kevin Lai, who works for Hong Fook Mental Health Association. This actually thoroughly confused our secretaries when he called wanting to book an appointment for his client. Dr. Kevin Lai does treat mental health with psychotherapy; but why would he need to call his own office and make an appointment for his client?

Although we may have similar or the same names, Dr. Kevin Lai is unique and so are you. For your own unique customized health care, please ask your doctor for a referral, and see for yourself.



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