Rapid Weight Loss versus Slow and Steady

Is your New Year's resolution to get back in shape and lose weight?

If you feel guilty about your holiday feast indulgences, you may be tempted to jump on to the latest diet craze, head to the gym, or hop on the treadmill to lose some weight. However, be warned that rapid weight loss may actually do more harm to you in the long run! A recent study of the contestants in the reality TV show "The Biggest Loser", showed that most contestants who lost weight would eventually start regaining weight again. This was partly due to the slowing down of their metabolism that happened when they tried to lost weight rapidly on the show. There was a pattern in the study that showed those who lost the most weight rapidly, would have the slowest metabolism, meaning they had to eat even less than they ever did, just to maintain their lower weight!

At Get Well Clinic, we recommend a weight loss program that is slow and steady, approximately 1 lbs a week. In this manner, we hope to reduce the decrease in metabolism which can make it even harder to keep the weight off. If you would like a customized weight management program that fits with your situation, please ask your doctor to refer you to our Spring Health Weight Loss Program. We offer a whole person approach to your issues: integrating nutrition advice with lifestyle habit changes, psychology and medications.


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