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Get Well Clinic e-Platform e-Platform is a private electronic system that we use to communicate with our valued clients, for you convenience. This platform is not funded by the government and is therefore a non-OHIP service. The use of the e-Platform is optional and does not affect your usual OHIP care. Please book an in-person appointment to receive usual OHIP care. e-Platform is not a virtual care visit.

Please use the e-Platform drop down menus to access specific e-Platform services.


Download 8x8 Meet App on smart phones:

We have built an electronic communications platform to securely connect you with your health care providers at Get Well Clinic. We do not use email or texting to communicate confidential and private information with you.


  • Private Messaging: receive and leave online messages with our staff
  • File Transfer: send and receive appointment details, forms, sick notes, medical records, requisitions.
  • Online Chat: text from your phone or desktop with our online staff
  • Video Chat: conduct Video Chat with us (ie. medical navigator)
  • We use secure peer-to-peer fully encrypted video conferencing


  • You must have a personal (non-work related) email that you control yourself.
  • You must not share your email password with anyone.
  • You must not share your e-Platform Sign-In password with anyone.
  • You must abide by our clinic policy and procedures, and Terms of Use.
  • You need a laptop/desktop computer (some features on smart phones may work), a webcam, and earphones (for privacy)

NOTICE: Electronic communication is not a substitute for in-person communication or clinical examinations with a doctor, where appropriate, or for attending the Emergency Department when needed (including for any urgent care that may be required).



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