Medical Navigator Service (Hourly)

Medical Navigator Service (hourly rate)
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Your time is valuable, and you want the best service for your health care. You may not be familiary with how to expertly navigate the complicated health system in Ontario, Canada. You want someone whom you can easily reach, whenever you need her, to help guide you through the options and make the right connections for you.

Our medical navigators (NaviMed) have experience in the medical field and can advocate for you in our complicated and fractured medical system. We will help you in the same way we would want for our own family!

This Medical Navigator Service is best suited for:

  • Ontario Non-Residents who need assistance with understanding the Canadian health care system and assistance in knowing what are the steps to receive care in Toronto
  • Overseas students attending Toronto private schools OR non-residents of Toronto, Canada who need a coordinator for their private health care services
  • Clients who need Chinese (Mandarin) translation for explaining the medical system, tests, procedures, and processes in Canada.
  • You may also purchase a number of hours of this service as a gift for someone else your love for peace of mind! (ie. your child attending school in Toronto, or for your aged parents living in Toronto)


  • Select the quantity (each amount is equal to 1 hr of service) that you want to add to your Medical Navigator Tab, when you add this product to your shopping cart.
  • Please be aware that we withdraw from your Tab at a minimum 15 min increments.
  • Contact our office to connect with the Medical Navigator. Leave a message and she will get back to you within a reasonable amount of time.


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