Phone MD Followup Advice

Ask your doctor for some advice or clarification of a followup matter by telephone conversation.
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OHIP only covers limited services, procedures and medications as outlined in the Schedule of Benefits. Telephone calls with doctors are NOT covered under OHIP. Purchase this service to pay for discussing a matter with your doctor directly over the telephone. (Maximum 10 minutes)

** Once you have purchased this service, to redeem your purchase, please call us and notify us of your online payment and confirmation number,

Please note that most issues do not require you to speak with the doctor directly. Your issue may be able to be resolved by speaking with the medical secretaries only, without the need to speak with the doctor directly on the phone.

Examples of this service are:

  • You saw the doctor already, but you had a quick question to ask the doctor related to the original visit, but you didn't want to make another appointment to see the doctor again.
  • You are asking for some general advice so you can decide whether a medical matter can wait for an appointment or should be dealt with urgently. Telephone calls of this nature should not be considered complete medical consultation. You should still eventually seek in-person medical attention to properly assess your matter in detail.
  • You wanted to tell the doctor some new information by telephone, and did not want to discuss with the medical secretaries, nor did you want to come in for an appointment to discuss in person. (This type of call does not include asking the doctor for medical advice regarding a new medical problem. Please purchase a "Telemedicine MD Assessment" instead.)


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