Get Well Weight Management Program



If your doctor has advised you to lose weight because of a medical condition, this can sometimes be associated with feelings of denial, apathy, guilt, anxiety, depression or despair. However, since your life depends on changing  your current lifestyle, we would like to coach you through the process of living well!

View from a Different Perspective:

Our thoughts, beliefs, and feelings impact our lifestyle behaviours of buying, eating, sleeping, and being physically active. We would like to help you explore these deeper forces that shape your motivations and lifestyle patterns, and hopefully by looking at the process of living healthy with another perspective, you can evaporate some of the barriers that make lifestyle change difficult.

Most Diets Work... For a Time:

Research has shown that many diets help people lose weight in the beginning, but people eventually gain weight again, often because the diets are difficult to follow. We would like to help you custom design a nutrition and activity plan that works for you, for a particular stage of your life, and one that is sustainable. This means that it may change over time, depending on what is going on with your life. There may be setbacks, but the key is to try again. We would like to be there to coach you on this journey, and keep you accountable to the choices you make.

A Journey Together:

Healthy living is straightforward to understand, but difficult to execute. You know yourself best. We know how the mind and body works together. We would like to engage in a continual discussion with you on what you have learned (about food, cooking, exercise, work life, family life, psychology, physiology, biochemistry) with what we have learned about the same matters. We work with you to help you understand yourself, how your thought patterns affect your habits, behaviours and choices; and build a custom plan that works right for you.


How Does this Program Look Like?

  • Medically supervised and monitored
  • Custom designed for your unique situation
  • Counselling sessions to explore the psychological aspects of how we live our life
  • Medications prescribed or injections for weight loss, if clinically indicated
  • Regular “Check-Ins” for coaching and accountability
  • Commitment from you to develop a custom plan of mini-changes to eat better and stay active

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Please come in to talk about it!

If this sound interesting to you, please Contact us and make a first appointment. Please also ask your family doctor to complete the REFERRAL FORM and fax it to back to us.



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NEW! Get Well Clinic - Student Health Services!

Custom Coordinated Care for domestic and international students.

Saturday Clinic: 9am - 1pm

Please call to book. Please tell us which service item you'd like to have when you book your appointment


Service items include:

  1. Full Body Check-up
  2. Regular Medical Visit for a health issue
  3. HPV Cancer Prevention Vaccine GARDASIL®9
  4. Immunication Navigation and Summary Service: evaluate current vaccinations, translate previous immunization records, provide immunization shots, and offer a physician approved update summary for schools and Public Health
  5. Women's Health Exam
  6. Psycho-educational Assessments (for learning difficulties, gifted learners, attention problems)
  7. Academic and Career Success counselling
  8. Relationship Counselling
  9. Lifestyle and Diet Counselling
  10. School and Canadian Culture Adjustment counselling
  11. Medical Navigator (NaviMed™) Services: answer questions on how the Canadian healthcare system works and help you find the medical services you need. (English, Cantonese, Mandarin)

Blue = for both Walk-In and Booked Appointments

Green = for Booked Appointments ONLY

*If you would like the physician to fill your private insurance claim form, please have it printed and bring it with you on the day of your visit. The physician or medical provider/practitioner will fill and sign the medical exam part of the form. 


Please call us for questions! 416-508-5691


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Our physiotherapist can help you regain the mobility and strength you need to resume your favourite activities and improve your quality fo life.

Get relief from conditions such as:

  • back pain
  • shoulder pain
  • tennis elbow
  • weakness
  • arthritis
  • other strains and pains

Physiotherapists uses a combination of:

  • Therapeutic exercise
  • Acupuncture
  • Manipulative therapy
  • Movement training
  • Injury prevention

Contact us today and get your life back! 416-508-5691

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Prenatal Obstetrical Care

Are you pregnant?


For newcomers to Canada, we offer a initial visit consultation for prenatal and obstetrical care. We will conduct a history and physical, order important and necessary tests, and provide you with counselling & advice about navigating the medical system in Toronto. We will assist you in finding the right doctor to deliver your precious baby.

Please Contact us at 416.508.5691 and request a "Prenatal Obstetric Care Consultation".


In Canada, there are three types of health professionals that deliver babies:

The most well known are Obstetrician/Gynecologist specialists. These doctors not only deliver babies, they also take care of womens health matters, and do surgeries such as C-sections and gynecological surgeries. Their practice is mostly surgical in nature.

There are also Family OB physicians. These doctors are Family Medicine specialists who have additional training in delivering babies. They not only take care of your general health (as a general practitioner), they also know all about prenatal and obstetrical care. They are excellent and many patients find the experience enjoyable. The deliveries are done in the same hospitals, with the same equipment, and the same nursing staff as OB/GYN specialists. If at any point during your delivery, that you may require surgical interventions, they can always refer you to an OB/GYN specialist on-call to take care of the surgical matters.

Finally, there are Midwives who do prenatal care, deliveries, and post-natal care. These professionals have been trained solely to delivery babies, so they know their job very well. They are hard to get an appointment with, as they are very popular. You need to get on their list as soon as you know you are pregnant. They can deliver your baby in the same hospitals as doctors, however, if you wish to have a birth at home, then these are the people you need to connect with.

Please contact us at 416.508.5691 and book a "Prenatal Obstetric Care Visit" today!


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Child and Youth Behaviour Consultant

Amelia Bowler, BEd, MADS, BCBA

I listen and solve problems, using behaviour analysis. I specialize in helping children and teens with special needs, including autism, ADHD, and multiple exceptionalities. I can help to create solutions for home or school. I look forward to supporting you!
In behaviour consultation, I interview and observe to determine the function of the behaviour (why is it happening) and then we work to find a replacement behaviour, so that the learner can build socially important skills, for community participation.
My focus as a behaviour analyst is to help learners find positive feedback in the world around them. This requires deep clinical knowledge, empathy, and creativity. I am continually seeking professional development and extending my areas of competence.
My areas of interest and specialty:
  • Parenting skills
  • Child behavioural issues
  • Developmental disorders
  • Learning disabilities
  • Autism
  • ADHD

Types of problems I help you solve:

  • Stubborn or disobedient child
  • Temper tantrums in public
  • Rowdy bedtimes
  • Grumpy mornings
  • Siblings fighting
  • Turning off the iPad
  • Distracted and/or hyperactive child
  • Disorganization
  • Learning difficulties in school
  • Lack of independence
  • Refusing to shower or brush teeth
  • Aggression toward peers
  • Acting appropriate with new baby
  • Poor coping skills

Service provided in the following Languages: English, French

If you want to talk about what has you stuck right now, send me a note, or book an appointment! Contact 416.508.5691



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Rachel Zeng, MSW, RSW, RP

Counselling & Psychotherapy

Languages Served: English, Cantonese, Mandarin


Many of us struggle with problems in relationships, school, family, work or emotions within ourselves. We may have tried to deal with them by ourselves, or thought of seeking help but fear being judged. The decision to examine our life in order to cope and heal is a sign of strength, not weakness. It can often be helpful to have someone present with us as we share, process and grow.

My work has been dedicated to this process. I am a registered psychotherapist and clinical social worker in good standing with many years of experience in the field of mental health, working directly with individuals and families from various cultural backgrounds in both community and clinical settings. I value the opportunity to walk alongside you on your journey of self-discovery and self-compassion, as you make your own way through life's challenges that are complicated by depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, anger, trauma, grief, illness, chronic pain or life adjustment.

I has been trained in a variety of treatment modalities, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), mindfulness practices, and Motivational Interviewing (MI). I work from a strengths based perspective, and adapt my approach to create a plan that will work for your unique concerns and personal goals. I provide a safe, confidential and judgement free space where we work together towards acceptance, change, self-management and overall well-being.

Issues that I work with:
•    Depression
•    Anxiety
•    Stress
•    Anger
•    Trauma
•    Family Conflict
•    Parenting
•    Relationship Issues
•    Self Esteem
•    Grief and loss
•    Life transition issues
•    Suicidal Thoughts and Attempts
•    Self-harm


Services provided by a Registered Social Worker are covered by most private insurance plans. Some insurance plans may also cover for a Registered Psychotherapist.

If you ned to cancel or reschedule your appointment, kindly give our clinic 24 hours notice before your scheduled appointment. A fee may apply for failure to show up for your appointment or not canceling 24 hours in advance.

Contact now to book your 1 hr consultation! 416-508-5691


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International Student Health

Are you an international student living in Canada?

We understand studying or living abroad can be lonely and difficult, especially when you encounter medical issues. Do not worry, we are here to help you! Our clinic is experienced in taking care of students or visitors to Canada. Our doctors and healthcare team understand your situation and are ready to compassionately help you tackle your physical, emotional, psychological, and socio-cultural issues. Our physicians and health care providers can look after your physical health and provide psychological counselling for emotional issues. We are here to help you in all stages of your life!

Services we provide:

  • Complete body check (Annual physical)
  • Regular medical appointment for all medical issues and questions
  • Women's Health Exam
  • Sexual health (contraception, testing for infections, pregnancy)
  • Physician fills UHIP Claim Form

Counselling we provide:

  • Stress from culture shock and adjusting to life in Canada
  • Anxiety with future career and advancement
  • Parental pressures to perform academically
  • Transitioning from adolesence to adulthood
  • Feeling lonely, sad or depressed
  • Relationships
  • Healthy sexuality
  • Lifestyle and diet

Don’t know where to begin? Start by giving us a call! 416-508-5691.

We are here to journey with you, help you get well, and live a full life!


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Chiropractic Services


Our chiropractor, Dr. Gordon Lee, DC, can assess and treat you for various musculoskeletal issues such as:

  • low back pain, mid-back pain, neck pain
  • headache (esp. occipital and tension headache)
  • tennis elbow
  • carpal tunnel syndrome
  • knee sprain/strain
  • rotator cuff strain
  • thoracic outlet syndrome
  • any musculoskeletal conditions

Besides providing standard chiropractic treatment such as adjustments, Dr. Lee also provides massage therapy and accupuncture treatment.

All of his services are usually covered under your private health insurance plans. Please Contact us to inquire today! 416-508-5691.


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Assessments for Gifted Intelligence, ADHD, or Learning Disorder


Dr Esther Ko (Ph.D, C.Psych)


Are you (or your child) in school and getting bored learning in traditional environments? Distracted, or disruptive in class settings? Not achieving the best academic potential?

You (or your child) may be gifted, or have attention deficit hyperactive disorder or even a specific learning disorder in writing, reading or math.

Come for a gold standard assessment by a certified clinical psychologist and get a proper diagnosis in order for you (or your child) to receive the optimal support for maximizing learning and reaching one's full potential!

If you get a proper diagnosis, you may be eligible for extra support in school, specialized training and coaching, as well as medications to study better.


Contact us now and request a Psychoeducational Assessment with Dr. Esther Ko! 416-508-5691

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Chiropody / Foot Care Services

Shannon Youn, HBSc, DCh

Shannon is a foot care specialist and is available to assess and manage your various foot conditions. She is also qualified to prescribe drugs, perform soft tissue surgeries, and administer corticosteroid injections.

Shannon looks forward to meeting you and becoming part of the health care professional team that looks after you and your health!

What is a Chiropodist?

A chiropodist is a primary health care professional knowledgeable and trained in the assessment and management of foot and lower limb disorders.


Foot Care Services:

•    Fungal toe nails
•    Athlete’s foot
•    Diabetic foot care
•    Diabetic foot assessment
•    Wound/ulcer care
•    Geriatric foot care
•    Paediatric foot concerns
•    Heel pain- plantar fasciitis
•    Pain in the ball of the foot- metatarsalgia
•    Flat feet
•    Neuromas
•    Warts
•    Calluses
•    Corns
•    Ingrown toenails
•    Ankle sprains
•    Custom foot orthotics
•    Compression stockings

Contact us today to arrange an appointment for your foot care needs! 416.508.5691


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Nutrition Counselling and Education

Rita Lau, RD


Rita Lau, RD  is a Registered Dietitian based in Toronto, Ontario. She specialized in chronic disease and weight management.

Service is available in English, Cantonese and Mandarin

What does a dietitian do?

Dietitians work with you to help you feel your best. They translate scientific research about food and nutrition into practical solutions for individuals, families and communities. A dietitian would not just hand you a diet or a list of foods not to eat and send you on your way or promote or sell you unnecessary food or supplements. The advice and information they provide is tailored to you and your needs.

University educated – Hands-on training
Dietitians have a university degree in foods and nutrition from an accredited university program and hundreds of hours of supervised, hands-on training.  Just like all regulated health professionals, dietitians are required to practice ethically and to complete annual professional development to make sure their skills are up to date.  They adhere to Principles of Professional Practice.

Why see a provincially regulated professional?
It’s one way you can be assured the advice and information you are receiving is sound. You wouldn’t ask a celebrity how to build a safe bridge, you’d ask a professional engineer. You wouldn’t ask your neighbour who has an interest in medicine to provide you with medical advice. The same thinking should apply for nutrition advice.

Dietitians, just like engineers and medical doctors, are accountable to provincial regulatory bodies for their professional conduct and the services they provide. These provincial regulatory bodies are in place to protect the public. They also serve as a point of contact for consumer complaints and malpractice. For more information, contact the regulatory body in your province.

Contact us today! 416.508.5691


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Cosmetic Services:

Botox & Fillers:

  • Aesthetic consultation for botox and hyaluronic acid Fillers
  • Injections done by certified medical doctor

Cryotherapy for Skin Lesions:

  • Medical grade liquid nitrogen freezing treatment for skin tags, keloids, moles, warts and other skin spots
  • $30 / lesion

Latisse Eyelash Serum:

  • Eyelash growing serum that works. Only available in participating medical clinics.
  • CALL NOW to know more!


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