Psycho-educational Assessments

Assessments for Gifted Intelligence, ADHD, or Learning Disorder


Dr Esther Ko (Ph.D, C.Psych)


Are you (or your child) in school and getting bored learning in traditional environments? Distracted, or disruptive in class settings? Not achieving the best academic potential?

You (or your child) may be gifted, or have attention deficit hyperactive disorder or even a specific learning disorder in writing, reading or math.

Come for a gold standard assessment by a certified clinical psychologist and get a proper diagnosis in order for you (or your child) to receive the optimal support for maximizing learning and reaching one's full potential!

If you get a proper diagnosis, you may be eligible for extra support in school, specialized training and coaching, as well as medications to study better.


Contact us now and request a Psychoeducational Assessment with Dr. Esther Ko! 416-508-5691

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