Prenatal Obstetric Care

Prenatal Obstetrical Care

Are you pregnant?



We offer prenatal and obstetrical care. We will conduct a history and physical, order important and necessary tests, and provide you with counselling & advice about navigating the medical system in Toronto. We will assist you in finding the right doctor to deliver your precious baby.

Please Contact us at 416.508.5691 and request a "Prenatal Obstetric Care Consultation".


In Canada, there are three types of health professionals that deliver babies:

The most well known are Obstetrician/Gynecologist specialists. These doctors not only deliver babies, they also take care of womens health matters, and do surgeries such as C-sections and gynecological surgeries. Their practice is mostly surgical in nature.

There are also Family OB physicians. These doctors are Family Medicine specialists who have additional training in delivering babies. They not only take care of your general health (as a general practitioner), they also know all about prenatal and obstetrical care. They are excellent and many patients find the experience enjoyable. The deliveries are done in the same hospitals, with the same equipment, and the same nursing staff as OB/GYN specialists. If at any point during your delivery, that you may require surgical interventions, they can always refer you to an OB/GYN specialist on-call to take care of the surgical matters.

Finally, there are Midwives who do prenatal care, deliveries, and post-natal care. These professionals have been trained solely to delivery babies, so they know their job very well. They are hard to get an appointment with, as they are very popular. You need to get on their list as soon as you know you are pregnant. They can deliver your baby in the same hospitals as doctors, however, if you wish to have a birth at home, then these are the people you need to connect with.

Please contact us at 416.508.5691 and book a "Prenatal Obstetric Care Visit" today!


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