Behavioural Consultant

Child and Youth Behaviour Consultant

Amelia Bowler, BEd, MADS, BCBA

I listen and solve problems, using behaviour analysis. I specialize in helping children and teens with special needs, including autism, ADHD, and multiple exceptionalities. I can help to create solutions for home or school. I look forward to supporting you!
In behaviour consultation, I interview and observe to determine the function of the behaviour (why is it happening) and then we work to find a replacement behaviour, so that the learner can build socially important skills, for community participation.
My focus as a behaviour analyst is to help learners find positive feedback in the world around them. This requires deep clinical knowledge, empathy, and creativity. I am continually seeking professional development and extending my areas of competence.
My areas of interest and specialty:
  • Parenting skills
  • Child behavioural issues
  • Developmental disorders
  • Learning disabilities
  • Autism
  • ADHD

Types of problems I help you solve:

  • Stubborn or disobedient child
  • Temper tantrums in public
  • Rowdy bedtimes
  • Grumpy mornings
  • Siblings fighting
  • Turning off the iPad
  • Distracted and/or hyperactive child
  • Disorganization
  • Learning difficulties in school
  • Lack of independence
  • Refusing to shower or brush teeth
  • Aggression toward peers
  • Acting appropriate with new baby
  • Poor coping skills

Service provided in the following Languages: English, French

If you want to talk about what has you stuck right now, send me a note, or book an appointment! Contact 416.508.5691



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