Student Health Services

Get Well Clinic - Student Health Services!

Custom Coordinated Care for domestic and international students.

Please call to book. Please tell us which service item you'd like to have when you book your appointment

Service items include:

  1. Full Body Check-up
  2. Regular Medical Visit for a health issue
  3. HPV Cancer Prevention Vaccine GARDASIL®9
  4. Immunication Navigation and Summary Service: evaluate current vaccinations, translate previous immunization records, provide immunization shots, and offer a physician approved update summary for schools and Public Health
  5. Women's Health Exam
  6. Psycho-educational Assessments (for learning difficulties, gifted learners, attention problems)
  7. Academic and Career Success counselling
  8. Relationship Counselling
  9. Lifestyle and Diet Counselling
  10. School and Canadian Culture Adjustment counselling
  11. Medical Navigator (NaviMed™) Services: answer questions on how the Canadian healthcare system works and help you find the medical services you need. (English, Cantonese, Mandarin)

*If you would like the physician to fill your private insurance claim form, please have it printed and bring it with you on the day of your visit. The physician or medical provider/practitioner will fill and sign the medical exam part of the form. 


Please call us for questions! 416-508-5691


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