Privacy and Security Practices

Privacy and Security Practices


We take privacy and security seriously at Get Well Clinic

So we started a new clinic from the ground up, to do it right. We bake best practices in to our culture right from the beginning, and encourage others to follow.


Secure Strong Encryption Used

Paper charts are insecure and can be easily browsed or misplaced. Hence, we have implemented a near paper-less medical office system. Paper records and documents are scanned in to our electronic medical record (EMR) system, and the paper copy is cross-cut shredded. Any paper handouts given to clients are printed on clean paper bought fresh from Costco. Our EMR uses strong TLS/SSL encryption, and automatically locks out repeated failed logins. Our internal office systems are NOT hosted on the public cloud, but privately hosted on our custom-built Linux servers. Our computer systems are protected behind a network firewall. We have an automatic backup system that uses strong and secure privately-generated (non-third party) asymmetric encryption keys for transfers to secondary backup site (also privately managed).


Stringent Clinic Policies

We train our staff on privacy, security and confidentiality. We have them sign a confidentiality agreement stating that they will adhere to our security principles and practices. We routinely monitor our practices and regularly give feedback.


We Discourage Unsafe Communication Practices

We discourage clients from communicating with us over insecure email or text message. It is difficult to confirm your identity when communicating with social meda. If telemedicine is required, we have alternative and more secure systems of communicating, such as our private encrypted chat system and encrypted video conferencing.


Thank you for putting your trust in us!


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