Dr. Anna Yu (MD, CCFP)

Family Doctor

Dr. Anna Yu is a family physician at the Get Well Clinic, with a focus on providing comprehensive family medicine care.  Dr. Yu studied biomedical engineering at the University of Toronto before obtaining her medical degree from the University of Alberta.  She then completed her Family Medicine residency training at the University of Toronto - Michael Garron Hospital site.  Dr. Yu is fluent in English and Mandarin.  She enjoys mentoring students and staying engaged with technological innovations for the future of healthcare.  In her spare time, she likes to read and travel, occasionally participating in physical challenges such as running half-marathons and trekking in Nepal.


If you have an upcoming first appointment with Dr Yu to discuss becoming an enrolled family medicine patient, please review and complete the following documents, and return to us before the appointment via Send. Please be aware that we cannot guarantee you that you will be accepted in to her practice. If she agrees to accept you, she will give you an Enrolment Form to sign and return to us afterwards.

1 a. New Patient Agreement (English)
   b. 家庭医生登记同意书 (中文)

2. Send completed New Patient Agreement and Forms to the clinic.

3. Enrolment Form (not available)



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